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The Cleaning Process

“Market leading technology unmatched for its efficiency and hygiene standards”

The Wheeliekleen purpose built mobile bin cleaning system has been designed to clean both commercial and domestic bins to the highest standard without the use of chemicals or impact to our environment.

We leave your bin hygienically cleaned, free from germs and smelling fresh.

1. Our bin cleaning truck will arrive the same day as the refuse truck
    empties your bins.

2. The bin is lifted into the fully enclosed washing position by a hydraulic
    lift with no manual lifting involved from the operator.

3. The inside of the bin is then blasted with water and a cleaning agent
    via the jets. Our green cleaning products use natural solvents that kill 99%
    of all known micro bacteria, viruses and fungi and are 100% fully
    biodegradable. The high-pressured 360° auto jet heads deliver three times
    more cleaning power than a domestic pressure washer.

4. 99% of all water used is screened, filtered and then recycled. All waste
    is disposed of responsibly keeping our rivers and waterways clean.

5. As the bins are being cleaned inside, our high-pressured hand held lance
    is used to clean the bin lid, handles and exterior.

6. Finally the bin is lowered to the ground and deodorised leaving it hygienically
    cleaned, free from germs and smelling fresh.

7. Once cleaned your bin will be returned to your door.

before and after