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Q: Why clean your wheelie bin?
A: To eliminate odours and disease causing bacteria, rats and other pests. 

Q: Do you clean the outside as well?
A: Yes, we totally clean the whole bin including handles, lids, wheels and the underneath.

Q: Can't my bin be cleaned manually?
A: Water run-off from manual cleaning pollutes our waterways which is a fineable offence. Our machines recycle 99% of all water used which is then disposed at a licenced water disposal plant keeping our rivers and waterways clean.

Q: How often should my bin be cleaned?
A: It is entirely up to you.  We find twice per month is preferable in the warmer months and once per month sufficient in the cooler months. Commercial bins will require a more regular service than residential.

Q: Do I need to be present when my bin is cleaned?
A: No, we guarantee to clean your bin the same day as it is emptied by the refuse truck by 5pm that day.  All we ask is that you leave your bin out until we have been.  Once cleaned your bin will be returned to your door or business.

Q: Do you invoice commercial clients?
A: Yes, we send out invoices each month.